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HampsonRussell Fundamentals

Sep 27 - Sep 30, 2021 10:00 am
Online (GST) , United Arab Emirates

Category: Training

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will understand key aspects of the theory and benefits of predicting rock and fluid properties using quantitative seismic reservoir characterization techniques. Students will learn workflows and best practices for estimating reservoir properties and understanding uncertainties with seismic reservoir characterization techniques.


Anyone interested in understanding the theory, benefits, and workflows behind the integration of seismic and well data to produce accurate and predictive models of the subsurface.


Day 1 & 2 AVO Workshop

  • Introduction: Basic seismic wave principles, Poisson's ratio, gas saturation, Biot-Gassmann equations, and lithologic examples
  • AVO Theory: Zoeppritz's equations, Aki-Richards and Shuey's approximation, elastic wave modeling, and impact of anistropy/li>
  • AVO Analysis: AVO attribute volume generation and considerations, processing concerns, interpretation of AVO measurements, classification of AVO responses, AVO crossplotting and polarization, and examples from published case studies
  • AVO Inversion: Simultaneous pre-stack inversion, Lambda-Mu-Rho, and elastic impedance

Day 3 – Strata Workshop

  • Introduction: Convolutional models, wavelets, reflectivity and noise
  • Theory: Recursive, sparse-spike, model-based and colored inversion. Pre-stack methods of Elastic Impedance and Lambda-Mu-Rho
  • Analysis: Seismic and wavelet processing, amplitude recover, noise attenuation and imaging
  • Practical: Examples of band-limited, sparse-spike and model-based inversion
  • Includes pre-stack Simultaneous Inversion

Day 4 – LithoSI Workshop

  • Discussion of the LithoSI workflow for facies and fluid classification using multiple elastic parameters from the inversion of the seismic data
  • Basic introduction to Bayesian classification, multivariate Probability Density Functions (PDFs) and their optimization through Kernel Density Estimation
  • Teaches how to design complex multi-variate probability distribution functions to ensure proper classification of lithologies and accurate definition of litho-probabilities
  • Shows how to understand the quantification of uncertainty in seismic lithology and fluid prediction
  • Practical Exercises: Defining litho-classes, selecting attributes, optimizing PDFs, validating the results and volume application

Duration: days

Software used: HampsonRussell AVO, Strata, LithoSI

Course Format: Lectures, Instructor-led discussions, and workflow-based exercises within a virtual classroom

Instructor(s): Pavel Didenko

Prerequisites: None

Number of Participants: 8-10


US $900.00 per day

US $3000.00 for a week

Early birds discount: 10% if booked before end of July

If you wish to attend one module only please contact Paula Hadro.

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