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GeoVerse Geological Database

Analytics-ready, digitally transformed geoscience data

While exploring and evaluating new opportunities, easily integrate a rich source of geological data into your workflows for faster, better-informed decisions. GeoVerse™ brings the most comprehensive multi-disciplinary geoscience database right to your desktop – organized intuitively, delivered seamlessly, and analytics-ready for any software platform.

GeoVerse geological database

Fast, Comprehensive CGG Geological Data from Around the World

Global coverage is based on a 50-year history of leading geological and geoscience projects, containing uniquely rich, multidisciplinary data from all of the world’s petroliferous basins. GeoVerse Primary Data can be accessed through a simple annual subscription with no multi-year commitment.

GeoVerse Primary Data

GeoVerse Primary Data provides access through the Cloud to the digitally transformed database derived from the full suite of CGG’s geological multi-client products, including a legacy of 600 Robertson “Red Book” Studies, which are added to on a continuous basis with new studies targeted at addressing today's emerging exploration challenges.

GeoVerse Interpretation

GeoVerse Interpretation is a next-generation play fairway mapping product for selected key basins, generated by geoscience teams that created the legacy Tellus/Basins & Plays products. Built using full access to GeoVerse Primary Data, CGG’s seismic data, JumpStart™ fully integrated multi-client geoscience packages and CGG GeoWells products, the new mapping incorporates consistent play-level map layers, new mapping methodologies, and unrivaled flexibility.

GeoVerse Palaeospace

GeoVerse Palaeospace provides access to CGG’s deformable global plate model and the results of high-level modeling that provide Earth Systems Dynamics and methodologies for predicting petroleum system elements.  Access to GeoVerse Palaeospace provides rich global map products and the ability to evaluate geological data in its original geometric context.

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